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This is the story that was never meant to be. The Goblins, bound by Shaddar's powers, report of the Books of Darkness and of rocks which spring to life and instill fear so immense that their blood boils; Shaddar, a wanderer between life and death, is searching for the gate to the Realm of the Dead to find a Sakkara Demon, a descendant of Worganars the Demon Lord to take total control. A huge world full of incredible magic and ancient myth.


  • An epic story line with over 30 main missions and 200 sub-quests
  • 16 different regions including forested lands, ice covered landscapes, mountains, deserts, catacombs etc
  • Six uniquely playable characters, which all differ in fighting style, in special skills and in magic
  • Horseback combat – Heroes can use both magic and weapons while riding
  • The simple combination of combat skills and magic are available to create “Special-Moves”
  • Blacksmiths combine gems, rings and other special items to produce stronger weapons and armor. These items can also be saved and then added to other weapons or armor
  • Keep your character! Start a new game on a higher difficulty level and use the same character, complete with experience and all items collected
  • Multiplayer up to 16 Players

The upgrade patch to 1.5 is available at

Download upgrade patch 1.6 details here


Publisher : Ascaron | Genre : RTS | Rating : M15+

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